What is Sámikopiija

Sámikopiija is a Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO) that represents Saami rightsholders in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The organisation was founded in 1992 as a special interest organisation for Saami rightsholders organisations.

The organisation shall collect information and propose measures to promote the interests of the rightsholders, co-ordinate the claims of member organisations, and negotiate and contract agreements on their behalf. It shall enter into agreements with other administrative organisations to negotiate, contract agreements and collect remuneration on behalf of Sámikopiija when this is expedient. It shall also administer and distribute remuneration and compensation for copying and other forms of secondary use of copies and copyrighted works, and exchange remuneration and compensation with bodies representing non-Sami rightsholders.

Sámikopiija’s steering bodies have also decided to work with the issue of “indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge related to copyright”, and made this an independent project in its activities. The Nordic aspect also has this theme in mind based on the fact that the Saami language and cultural region is geographically located in Norway, Sweden, Finland and even Russia.

Member organisations:
The Saami Artists Association
The Saami Writers Association
The Saami Book and Newspaper Association
The Association for Saami Theatre
The Saami Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association
The Association of Saami Composers
The Saami Journalists Association